Typhoon Dante

The relentless rain of April 30 eventually developed into Typhoon Dante on May 1, ripping us off of our holiday–and weekend–plans. Of course, typhoons are but natural in this part of the universe. Lying as it does on the country’s typhoon belt, Sorsogon is visited by at least four strong typhoons annually.

Although I wasn’t around when Sisang hit Sorsogon, I knew that the damages were almost insurmountable. Milenyo, which hit Sorsogon in 2006, was just as disastrous, minus the body count. For almost a month, we were left without power, making us race for a bleak Christmas.

Dante wasn’t that strong, but it did leave Sorsogon virtually unaccesible for two days: a portion of the highway was cut off, making it impossible for buses and other vehicles to pass through.

The cut-off portion may have been quite short, but it certainly did much damage.

The damage Dante left behind:


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