Rizal Beach

Except for the sprinkling of muted colors, the pictures might have been taken in sepia.  This is actually Rizal Beach on a hovering-between-rainy-and-sunny day.  A little chilly, perhaps. And some kind of gloomy.  But to us beachlovers, the beach beckons rain, shine or in-between.

The tide was out when we got there.  The sand stretched on and on, and it was quite a walk to the water’s edge.  On this particular day, Rizal’s almost even terrain was evident; the sand was almost silky.  It was too cold for a swim, but the kids did manage to get themselves wet.

Beaches, after all, are for bathing.


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  1. […] Rizal Beach in the town of Gubat is famous for powder-fine sand and a shoreline that, on low tide, seems to stretch on and on. There are two major resorts, plus a surfing camp. Sunrises and sunsets in these parts are simply glorious. […]

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