My Town

You know what they say about small towns: one blink and it’s gone.  In a way, that’s what Sorsogon is.  The commercial center is made up of two main streets branching into little side pockets.  When the planners laid out the town 50 or so years ago, they probably had little idea that “Berlinas” and wheels would eventually take control of the road. Or that Sorsogon would eventually be a city.  Which explains why traffic can be a little off-putting during rush hours.

But there is much, much, more to Sorsogon than its seeming smallness.  Beyond the L-shaped commercial district are open spaces that point to a wide, wide world.  Venture just a little farther from Rizal Street and you get a heady view of the the sea and the mountains.

The Baywalk at Rompeolas

The road leading to my office is flanked by fields of green, with the majestic Bulusan Volcano looming right ahead.

From where I blog, the beach is but 10 minutes away.  Going there doesn’t take much planning; you just decide to go, and there you are.

Bacon Beach

When I was younger, I felt hemmed in by what I thought to be a small town.  There was something very limiting about the way the rays of the sun slanted at 5 p.m. As if marking the end of yet another blah day.

But now there’s some comfort–and a lot of promise–in the same slant.  It makes me look forward to going home, and to another beautiful day.



  1. Such a beautiful place! Another paradise yet to be discovered. 🙂

    1. thanks for the visit! you feature beautiful places as well.

  2. Kagayun daw sadi na last picture mo… Kuwaunon and sundown.. Sa pier ina?

    1. Opo, sa pier ini. Then, as now, amo man gihapin an best viewdeck para sa sunset :p

  3. nonoestur · · Reply

    loved your pics. taga sorsogon man tabi ako.keep it up!

  4. […] are pictures I took this time last year of the usual roadside scenery just before we reach Sorsogon. It’s harvest time so the rice fields are green and gold and calming and, though not as […]

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