Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

From my mom’s garden. Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) is said to improve memory

The first thing you will notice from the highway is how green Sorsogon is. From the stands of trees lining the highway, the ricefields and the hills, everything is green, green and green.

Green takes on many shades here. There’s ricefield green, there’s forest green, there’s manicured-lawn green. Green is on the table, in gardens, through windows, and along the highway. Green is the color of the distant mountains after a quick shower. It is the color of the sea in April, when it is at its calmest. Green, in fact, is everywhere.

Here are some of Sorsogon’s greens:

Green view from a green room

Future greens at the EDC Complex nursery

Still more greens at the EDC Ecopark

On holy ground: this garden at the El Retiro Center is lovingly tended by praying hands

Blanched okra

Sitio Suhi boasts an enchanting shade of green

Bamboo grass set against a more cosmopolitan green

The green makings of the fabled Bicol Express

Other greens are here, too: dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/weekly-photo-challenge-green/


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