Aahhh, Summer!

bacon beach views (13)

It’s officially summer in these parts. The sun is set to scorching, the kids are on a two-month school break, and the AC is on turbo cool.

Bacon Beach

Bacon Beach

What do we do on days like these? We head to the beach, of course. The nearest is Bacon, and old childhood favorite. It is a mere 15 minutes from home, and going there is no hassle. Resorts line its shores, but if you’re out for a quick dip, you only pay for parking. (Climate change has altered parts of the beach, of course. But I will leave that for another post.)

Libanon Beach

Libanon Beach

Sharing Bacon Beach’s coastline is Libanon Beach. You have to do a little legwork to get there, but the silky-soft sand–and the almost isolated beach–is worth the descent. Libanon’s rolling waves is ideal for surfing.



Paguriran in Sawanga,Bacon, boasts off=white sand and an outcrop that, on high tide, becomes a lagoon. It is about an hour and a half from the city proper and can be reached via a scenic drive through rice fields and roads fringed with green. Public utility jeepneys ply the route daily, but you’ll have to be mindful of schedules as there are no overnight accommodations in Paguriran just yet.


Rizal Beach in the town of Gubat is famous for powder-fine sand and a shoreline that, on low tide, seems to stretch on and on. There are two major resorts, plus a surfing camp. Sunrises and sunsets in these parts are simply glorious.

subic 1 (640x480)

Subic in Matnog is the ultimate getaway. You have to be at the Matnog port by 6 or 7 to charter a banca to the island, and–depending on the weather–will have to leave by three p.m. if a visit to the fish sanctuary is in your itinerary.

On off-season days, you can have the entire white-sand beach (that sometimes has flecks of pink) to yourself. If you want to stay overnight for a taste of the Subic sunset and sunrise, you’ll have to bring your own tents or make arrangements with the locals.

From Subic, you can also hop on to the other adjacent islands for yet another Sorsogon summer adventure.



  1. Makes me want to feign a flu, leave this office, and hit those beaches.


    1. there are other destinations as well where you can use your motorcycling skills, hehehe :p

      1. verrry funny


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