Bulusan Lake


We started the day with no clear itinerary. We just took the southern route, and when our tummies rumbled lunch, we turned left and headed for one of the natural pools at the foot of Mount Bulusan. After two hours of prying the kids away from the water, we decided to go up Bulusan Lake.

The lake is one of Sorsogon’s major attractions. Perpetually green presumably because of algae, the lake is surrounded by secondary-growth trees that contribute to an even greener landscape.

Green is, in fact, everywhere. On the two-kilometer ascent to the lake, lush foliage provides a canopy that almost blocks out the sun. Erosion has carved out the hillsides, and to the right there are gigantic ferns and vines tenaciously clinging to the sides. All in varying shades of green, of course.



Bulusan Lake is one of two lakes in the 3,672-hectare Bulusan Volcano National Park (BVNP). It rises 635 meters above sea level and is almost halfway up Bulusan Volcano, which has an elevation of 1,559 meters. From up here, you can hear birdsongs, chirps and the occasional rattlesnake. A hawk circled up above when we were there.

Over the years, tourist-friendly activities have been introduced along the perimeter of the lake. Kayaks, boats and water bikes are there for those who have limited time to explore the lake. For the more adventurous, guided eco treks along the inner and outer crater are also being offered for P150 and P250 per head.



Despite these, and despite the carloads of visitors that flock to Bulusan, the lake has managed to preserve a certain sense of serenity. Timelines and deadlines are set aside here, and it is enough to sit still and take in the green, great majesty of Bulusan Lake.


Other majestic from-above posts are here. Oh, and here’s a photo taken from above in our first stop, Nature Park in Irosin.




  1. Mayad na tabi an dalan pasakat sa lake? An dalan pakadto sa Bulusan hali sa Irosin, mayad naman?

    Dios mabalos!

    1. Opo, mayad na an dalan pasakat and pati an Irosin-Bulusan route sementado na gabos, Madalion na lang an pagpurupasyar didi.

      1. Nice to hear. Sana maintained an dalan for a long time. Dili kay ningas kugon.

  2. Hi there, we were in Albay and wanted to go Sorsogon and was advised not to if it will make us travel late going back to Legazpi … is it a safer place to go to now? i have been wanting to see Lake Bulusan, but have been wary of what i read and what people tell … i guess, we just have to trust more just enjoy what the islands offer for free. thank you for sharing your beautiful Sorsogon with us — April

    1. hi april. you’ll have to spend at least a day in sorsogon if you’re going to do the bulusan swing. there are other sidetrips from the lake. there’s dancalan beach, there are a variety of springs (hot, cold and mineral), plus there’s the bee farm, which serves a sumptuous organic spread. a little farther, in the neighboring town of barcelona, is the centuries-old st. joseph church. the roads are well paved and there are accommodations in bulusan or in sorsogon city. in any case, there is always the next time. hope your future itineraries will include sorsogon.

      1. Hi Anna, thank you for finding time to reply back … will surely include sorsogon in our itinerary when we go down south again, and thank you for the other possible places to see and things to do. i know that our islands spell a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e … we just need to take that step when given the chance to do so 🙂

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