There used to be a stream in Bacon Beach. When we were kids, it took some walking to get to. As resorts popped up and we started sprouting legs, the stream was no longer that far. Still, it was a point of reference: a boundary between the beach and the private properties.


Today, the stream is no more. Climate change changed a lot of things, including our little pocket of the universe. The waters ate up a considerable chunk of the shoreline, and with it the stream. To stop the waters from further eroding the shoreline, some of the owners dumped boulders in front of their resorts. Some have simply let the tides take over, building farther inland.


Years back, there would still be a few meters of sand between the beachfront and the shoreline during high tide. Today, water reaches the beachfront, sometimes spilling over into the resorts as well.

The same holds true for Rizal Beach in Gubat. At dusk, the beach’s silky sand all but disappears as the waves rush in. Clumps of coconut trees turn into mini islands, and the beach gives in to the changing of the tides.



  1. Hi,

    The last visit 2 years ago, the stream is still there. You just need to walk further, after the last resort. The mouth is not that noticeable anymore.

    I heard about the receding shoreline, and I really want to document it when I visit in the next couple of months.

    The gate on your picture, is it at Boanerges Resort?

    Mayad ngani adto pa an tolong gapo!

    Dios mabalos sa article mo!


    1. I should have walked further palan, hehehe. But then may tambak na nin daragko na bato after fisherman’s hut so mapagal na mag-ikot.

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