Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


The sea and I–we have an enduring bond. While I grew up right in the heart of what was then a small town, the sea was a constant presence. The beach (that opened into the Pacific Ocean) was just a 15-minute drive, and the bay (that fed the China Sea) was a window away from my grade school.

Despite the proximity, I never really learned how to swim. It may be that I could have ingested too much salt water on my initial attempts that I never bothered learning. I tried diving once. The view under water was simply magnificent but I clung to the dive master like Velcro it was almost embarrassing. In any case, I am much more comfortable on the water–chasing whales and dolphins, exploring islands–than in it.

BUT I do love the sea. I especially love the waves. There is something calming about the rhythm of rolling waves, about their pattern of moving away and returning. I head out to the sea to recharge, to renew, to just be. I go to the sea to listen to the waves, to marvel at the play of water and light, to bask in the overflowing abundance of God’s grace.

And the fact that I live in a place where the coastline stretches 336 kilometers gives me a lot to be thankful for. Here are some of Sorsogon’s seascapes.

Sorsogon Bay

Sorsogon Bay/Milo Tolentino

Bacon Beach

Bacon Beach/Milo Tolentino


Paguriran/Milo Tolentino

Hop on over to this site for more scintillating takes on the sea.



  1. Bonjour

    Stunning, atmospheric and beautifully composed.



  2. Crisp and clear captures! Whoa!
    Clouds here in tropical locations are way visible and so much better, and incomparable to the Western.

  3. Wow – parang gusto ko mag-Sorsogon this weekend. hehe. šŸ™‚

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