Summer in a Bottle

With a coastline stretching 336 kilometers, Sorsogon is invariably dotted with beaches, beaches and more beaches.  Their sand range from dazzling white to cream to black, from powder-fine to grainy to slightly pebbly.  Except for the landlocked town of Irosin, each of the province’s municipalities (plus one city) lays claim to a variety of by-the-sea adventures.

Naturally, Sorsogon’s coastline presents endless opportunities for beach combing. A walk along the shores is like a scavenger hunt: there are seashells, sea glass, weather-beaten scraps from some other shore.


This is my beach in a bottle: a collection of seashells found along Sorsogon’s seemingly endless shoreline. The weather may be playing tricks on me again, but I only have to look at–and inside–my bottle and suddenly, it is summer all over again.

More “inside” shots here.


  1. I have the exact same thing at my place, except that the shells are different. I posted a picture of a few for the previous photo challenge title ‘Sea’. Somehow they have a very calming effect.

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