The sun was not its usual summery self on May 22. Sure, it was bright and scorching, the way it usually is on dry spells. It had a halo, though; and for the better part of two hours it had the entire city–and social media–buzzing. Reactions ranged from awe to alarm, from spiritual to scientific.

The more “scientific” among us immediately explained the unusual occurrence as a 22 Degree Halo, which they say isn’t really that “unusual.”

A 22 Degree Halo, according to the University of Illinois website, is a “ring of light 22 degrees from the sun or moon. It develops when light enters one side of a columnar ice crystal and exits through another side. The light is refracted when it enters the ice crystal and once again when it leaves the ice crystal. The two refractions bend the light by 22 degrees from its original direction, producing a ring of light observed at 22 degrees from the sun or moon.”

The science, of course, is lost on me. As so it was that I joined the many others who risked eyes and camera lenses for a glimpse of the not-the-usual sun on this extraordinary day.



More twists here. (Photographed by John Palma/Erwin Escanilla)

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  1. Kagayon man! Thanks for sharing.

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