Sweet dreams are made of these: quiet walks, paths softened by grass and greenness all around. At the Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm in Bulusan, there is nothing that says “hurry!” Not time, and certainly not the bees going about their business.

Life slows down to a soft, dreamy blur, and–for a spell–traffic, deadlines and the baggage of the city take a backseat. Ahh, this is indeed life at the farm!

Visit the Weekly Photo Challenge for more dreamy scenes.


One comment

  1. Love your interpretation of this week’s theme. Yes, dreamy can be equated to slow, moving slowly and taking in everything around you. Enjoying what you have around you at your own leisure, no need to rush. I love the photo – a long path there that seems to go on and on…maybe it’s the path leading our dreams 🙂

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