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The Holy Week Blur

A quick post in response to Blur, this week’s photo challenge: Good Friday in Sorsogon is usually a blur of people: locals, transients, uprooted Sorsoganons taking advantage of the long break to come home and connect with the old hometown. No other event attracts as large a crowd as the procession, which slowly makes its […]

Nighttime at the Park

Nighttime at the Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park is a magical thing. As the day winds down and the eight-to-five rush settles, soft lights bathe the Capitol Building, lending an air of quiet grace and serenity to one of Sorsogon’s storied landmarks. The Capitol Park is a refuge right in the heart of the City. Framed […]

Sorsogon’s Feast of Plenty

Photographed by Lito Derit Sorsogon literally went big for this year’s Kasanggayahan Festival (October 17-23). After an hour of waiting out the phenomenal Sorsogon rain, down the streets they came: 14 higantes (papier-mache giants) that played out scenes from the 16th century. There were soldiers and priests, natives and colonizers. There, too, was a galleon. […]

The Sorsogon Provincial Museum

The Sorsogon Provincial Museum is right smack in the middle of the city. It is a few steps away from the ever bustling Capitol Grounds. Fewer steps, even, from the Provincial Gymnasium which, on regular days, is anything but quiet. You wouldn’t know that you’re in the midst of all the busyness, though, the moment […]