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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Twinkle.” Except for the string of lights along the center islands, it was almost pitch black as we made our way to the Capitol Park. The lights out, it turned out, was a prelude to a countdown. And when the lights came back on, there was […]


Sweet dreams are made of these: quiet walks, paths softened by grass and greenness all around. At the Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm in Bulusan, there is nothing that says “hurry!” Not time, and certainly not the bees going about their business. Life slows down to a soft, dreamy blur, and–for a spell–traffic, deadlines […]

Nighttime at the Park

Nighttime at the Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park is a magical thing. As the day winds down and the eight-to-five rush settles, soft lights bathe the Capitol Building, lending an air of quiet grace and serenity to one of Sorsogon’s storied landmarks. The Capitol Park is a refuge right in the heart of the City. Framed […]


You won’t find these in supermarkets or in the bigger fruit stalls. They are essentially homegrown, and except for the miracle fruit, these are the stuff of my early summers. Back in the pre-Atari days when games were played outdoors, summers meant going around the neighborhood to pick fruits. The bigger, braver ones would climb […]


After “resting” the fields for a brief spell following the last-quarter harvest, it is time to plant once more. It is the beginning of the cycle of sowing and reaping. Tedious, surely. And back-breaking, as most beginnings are. In time, the fields will turn green, then golden. Healthy stalks will fill up the measured gaps […]

Stories of Christmases Past

The Christmas rush has me rushing. No matter how early I start with the shopping and the planning, I still end up dashing through the sea of equally harried last minute shoppers hoping to keep their date with Santa. I don’t want this space to look lonely over the holidays. And so I am reposting […]

Of Storms and the Day After

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) left in its wake widespread destruction. The statistics are staggering: almost 4,000 dead, almost 20,000 hurt, almost a million rendered homeless, almost 2,000 still missing. Damage to property and agricultural produce is estimated at 12 billion pesos. Graphically translated, the statistics paint heart-breaking pictures of thousands having to face the horrors of […]