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Sweet dreams are made of these: quiet walks, paths softened by grass and greenness all around. At the Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm in Bulusan, there is nothing that says “hurry!” Not time, and certainly not the bees going about their business. Life slows down to a soft, dreamy blur, and–for a spell–traffic, deadlines […]


Near the entrance to the Bulusan Lake and Volcano Natural Park, there’s a signpost that paints a picture of a big, big world. A world that somehow found its way into this little pocket of paradise down south. I don’t know if they got the numbers right, but the collective post tells of inward and […]


The sun was not its usual summery self on May 22. Sure, it was bright and scorching, the way it usually is on dry spells. It had a halo, though; and for the better part of two hours it had the entire city–and social media–buzzing. Reactions ranged from awe to alarm, from spiritual to scientific. […]


You won’t find these in supermarkets or in the bigger fruit stalls. They are essentially homegrown, and except for the miracle fruit, these are the stuff of my early summers. Back in the pre-Atari days when games were played outdoors, summers meant going around the neighborhood to pick fruits. The bigger, braver ones would climb […]


After “resting” the fields for a brief spell following the last-quarter harvest, it is time to plant once more. It is the beginning of the cycle of sowing and reaping. Tedious, surely. And back-breaking, as most beginnings are. In time, the fields will turn green, then golden. Healthy stalks will fill up the measured gaps […]


There used to be a stream in Bacon Beach. When we were kids, it took some walking to get to. As resorts popped up and we started sprouting legs, the stream was no longer that far. Still, it was a point of reference: a boundary between the beach and the private properties. Today, the stream […]

Bulusan Lake

We started the day with no clear itinerary. We just took the southern route, and when our tummies rumbled lunch, we turned left and headed for one of the natural pools at the foot of Mount Bulusan. After two hours of prying the kids away from the water, we decided to go up Bulusan Lake. […]