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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Twinkle.” Except for the string of lights along the center islands, it was almost pitch black as we made our way to the Capitol Park. The lights out, it turned out, was a prelude to a countdown. And when the lights came back on, there was […]

In an Instant

I was in between jobs, trying to decide what I want to do. Or to be. I was pushing 30, unattached, and had no plans beyond the next badminton game. I was drifting, weaving in and out of traffic jams and probably giving my mom anxiety attacks. During one particularly monstrous jam I found myself […]

On a High

From way up here, Sorsogon Bay looks like a huge sheet of glass.  Everything seems to be on freeze frame, hypnotized into a momentary stillness.  There is no hint of the madding crowd below, the hum of industrial activity up ahead, or the sweltering Sorsogon sun. We are about 300 meters above sea level, at […]

My Town

You know what they say about small towns: one blink and it’s gone.  In a way, that’s what Sorsogon is.  The commercial center is made up of two main streets branching into little side pockets.  When the planners laid out the town 50 or so years ago, they probably had little idea that “Berlinas” and […]


This is Sorsogon Bay on a lazy, hazy Saturday morning: an inviting, calming shade of blue.

Sorsogon Bay Sunsets

There’s always something about watching Sorsogon sunsets that gives me that happy-to-be-home feeling. Sunsets at the Rompeolas are a wonderful thing. As the sun sets–was it Emily Dickinson who said one ribbon at a time?–Sorsogon is suddenly awash in a variety of colors: pale pinks, fiery reds, glorious oranges, hazy purples. It is in these […]


Rompeolas–Sorsogon City’s baywalk–got its name from the Spanish rompir: “where the waves cavort.” There are others who romp here as well: students out on a cheap date, kids out on a day of fun, those who just can’t get enough of the glorious Sorsogon sunset. Here’s the orangefied Baywalk. Minus the cavorting crowd.